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Better Late Than Never

Updated: Nov 22, 2017

After 17 years in the industry, I've finally succumbed to a blog.

2017 has been a really exciting year for beauty, not just for me, but the industry in general. Celebrities are jumping from fragrance licensing deals to cosmetics and K beauty is practically taking over the world. Social media and private labelers have also provided opportunities for practically anyone to enter this once elusive and heavily guarded industry.

“Anyone can own a beauty business today but not everyone can build a brand. The soul of a brand is her vision.”

So I've been a member of this industry for over 15 years and then quietly building my own brand in the last three. I thought I could continue keeping a low profile and be the man behind the scenes but the longer and deeper I stay in this industry, the more I felt I needed to share what I know, what I've seen and what I predict.

I can't tell you exactly what to expect now, but chances are I'll be writing and vlogging about the industry, giving my two cents on ingredients and formulas, crystal-balling trends and fads and maybe rant about my life as a beautypreneur. Maybe I'll lose interest after two posts.

So what's been new for me?

This year has been part crazy and mostly life-changing. Ceramiracle went from being a niche ecommerce beauty brand in Santa Monica, to a cult favorite with retail distribution in Asia. We opened our first brick and mortar store in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, fulfilling my dream of creating an integrative beauty concept space. It might seem crazy to invest in a store when brands are going digital but I'm still quite a traditionalist at heart and beauty without the human touch is not beauty.

I probably will dedicate a separate post on these eventful happenings so I won't delve too much into them now. Till next time, Happy Black Friday shopping!

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